In the Conker series, Life Bars are represented by Anti-Gravity Chocolate. These special kinds of chocolate were
created by Professor von Kripplespac, but were scrapped and thrown out the window of his lab so he could work on the Tediz project. The chocolate later appears throughout the vast Panther Kingdom, questioning their origin.

The Anti-Gravity Chocolate represents Conker's health bar. He can only carry 6, and when Conker is injured by an enemy or obstacle he will lose a piece of his chocolate bar (or more). The chocolate cannot help him against instant-death obstacles (such as bottomless pits, spinning metal blades or crashing into walls on a gravity surf board). If Conker falls from a certain height, he will either lose an amount of his chocolate or instantly die. His helicopter-tail thingy can somewhat mitigate his loss of chocolate if he uses it carefully.

In the N64 Mulitplayer, the several players of the games have a health bar of 6 chocolates. However, there is no chocolate to restore the health, meaning it is a fight to the death.

The Anti-Gravity chocolate parodies the fact that in many videogames, (such as Mario or Sonic) several items would always be floating in the air and sometimes required jumping to obtain them.


  • When Conker entered Count Batula's Mansion, Conker says that he's "getting sick of chocolate", implying that he doesn't want to eat any more chocolate throughout the course of the game since then.
  • The chocolate is similar to the honey combs in Banjo-Kazooie.