Chapter4 07

The Wheel

The Bats Tower Wheel is the name for the wheel Conker has to use to procede through the level to catch the Cash to give to the Catfish.

Bat's Tower

The spinning wheel is encounterd after the Cash Conker is after runs and closes a door behind it. Conker has to use his slingshot to hit the various letters exsposed as the wheel turns. Not surprisingly, the letters Conker has to hit is O, P, E, and N spelling the word open. This is, however, made difficult by the fact that there is no recticle for the slingshot and if Conker ever hits a wrong letter, Clang Goblins attack Conker and he has to start all over again.


  • This is considered on of the hardest sections of the game considering all the enemies that can attack Conker.

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