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A Brontosaurus (whose true name is Apatosaurus) is a large dinosaur that has appeared in the Conker series.

Diddy Kong Racing

In Diddy Kong Racing, a Brontosaurus roams the lake area of the Ancient Lake race course, serving as an obstacle to any racers driving through there. A brontosaurus also appears in the Fossil Canyon course, however does not serve any purpose in the course, as it does not roam on the track. A brontosaurus also appear on Hot Top Volcano. A brontosaurus also appears in the Fire Mountain battlefield, however, like the one in Fossil Canyon, it does not serve a purpose. They are possible females because they have eylashes.

Conker's Bad Fur Day

In Conker's Bad Fur Day, two brontosauri appear in the Mugged section of the Uga Buga chapter. After Conker had gotten mugged by a gang of punk Ugas, the Ugas challenged Conker to a race to get his money back. Conker utilized a hover board to race against them. On the course, the brontosauri act much like the one did in the Ancient Lake of Diddy Kong Racing, serving as a roadblock for Conker. If Conker were to run into one of their feet, this would cause him to explode and lose a life. However, strangely, if Conker jumped over their feet, he would go right through their legs.

Conker Live & Reloaded

In Conker: Live & Reloaded, the brontosauri appeared again in the Mugged section. There were no differences between their appearance in this game and their appearance in Conker's Bad Fur Day.

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