Colors is a multi mode in Conker's Bad Fur Day, and a multi map in the Deathmatch mode.


A screenshot of Colors


The Objective in Colors is to get to the enemy base, retrieve the flag from there, and return it to your base, while preventing the enemy from taking your flag.


  • SHC Base
  • SHC Center Sniper Nest
  • SHC Right Sniper Nest
  • SHC Left Sniper Nest
  • SHC Base Entrance
  • Tediz Base
  • Tediz Center Sniper Nest
  • Tediz Right Sniper Nest
  • Tediz Left Sniper Nest
  • Tediz Base Entrance
  • Main Pathway
  • Bridge
  • Hillsides


Available Characters in Deathmatch Version (Without Cheat Codes)

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