Conker Celebrity Squirrel05:38

Conker Celebrity Squirrel

Conker: Celebrity Squirrel was a 2005 mockumentary that told the story of Conker's success during and before the years of Conker's Bad Fur Day. The mockumentary states that Conker had left his agency, and had been long since gone after the success of Conker's Bad Fur Day. In the video, various people who claimed to be close to Conker tell of his various antics and job failures prior to his absence. Two months later, Conker's agent, Troy Mink, finds Conker at a club known as the Nut & Day Club in Reno, Nevada, after Conker had made a drunken phone call to 911.



  • The video reveals that Conker had attempted to make a rap song called:
    “No More Tediz”
    All Cracked Up!
    TwoTooth Records
  • The video also reveals that Conker had tried out for the voice of Master Chief in Halo 2.

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