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Many groups have organized tournaments for Diddy Kong Racing. This article is about Tournament Go! 2012.

Tier ListEdit

Tournament Go! decided to create a tier list showing each character's potential in tournaments, similar to the Super Smash bros. series



Tournament Go! tier list

While some people liked T.T., Drumstick and Banjo being the top 3, others criticized Tournament Go!'s tier list for being too top speed heavy. Most of these people commented that many novice players used Tiptup and Pipsy. This tier list did not favor those characters and only favored the game's fastest characters.


Many people criticized this tier list's placement of Krunch, which they felt to be too low. While some considered Krunch to be the worst character because of his horrible acceleration and turning, others thought that in high-level play, he could make use of powersliding and barrel rolling. Krunch can hold a powerslide for the longest, tied with Drumstick. When in a plane, he actually has the second-best barrel roll in the game, with the best being Conker. In competitive play, because there are no items, Krunch does not suffer extremely long hitstun when hit by an item.


In Tornament Go! 2012, courses are divided into netural stage, counterpick and banned stage. Netural stages can be chosen for the first,third and fifth random selects. These courses can also be counterpicked. Counterpick courses are not in the random select but can be counterpicked. Banned courses are banned from the tournament

Netural CoursesEdit

Ancient lake

Fossil canyon

Frosty village

Whale bay

Treasure caves

Haunted woods

Counterpick CoursesEdit

Jungle Falls

Everfrost Peak

Crecent Island

Greenwood Village

Darkmoon Caverns

Banned CoursesEdit

Course Reason Banned for HC/Plane tournaments
Hot Top Volcano Alternate routes alow camping. First pedistsal allows stalling. Lava bounce is an advanage to Tiptup and Pipsy in hovercraft tournaments. Car can't be used.



Snowball Vally Extremly thin bridge at the start of the course. Random snowballs at end of course. Not very many passing opertunities is an advantage to Tiptup and Pipsy.



Pirate Lagoon Jumps are an advantage to lightwheights. Air passing is possible. Hovercraft:Yes
Windmill Planes Heavywhieghts can't make all turns. Overly large.



Spacedust Ally Palm tree stalling. Random obstacles. Heavywheights can push lightwhights into lasers in plane tournaments.



Spaceport Alpha Extremly campy in nature. Random lasers and obstacles. Tunnel gives advantage to characters with good aceleratiion(Car Hc) or good turning(Plane)



Semi-Banned CoursesEdit

In the DKR tournament community,four courses are left up to the tournament organizer to decide wheather they are counterpick or banned.

Course Reason Counterpick or banned in TGo! 2012
Walrus Cove Boost loop gives advantage to characters with high top speed. Heavyweights can push lightweights into Bouncy ice at the end of course. Thin path at end of course gives advantage to Tiptup and Pipsy. Extremly thin paths surronding bouncy ice at the end of the course. Banjo,Krunch and Drumstick cannot make the downhill curve in the course without powersliding Banned because of many advantages to Banjo and Drumstick.
Crecent Island Thin path at the start of course. Heavyweights can knock Pipsy intio the water which is an almost certain lost. Krunch cannot make turn inside the pirate ship. (Banjo can just barely make the turn) Krunch cannot make final turn of the course. Second way around sculpture at end of course is only accesible by Pipsy,Tiptup and Conker. Counterpick
Greenwood Vilage

Well shortcut is much easyr with lightwieghts. Log is very campy. Banjo, Krunch and Drumstick must powerslide on the inside to make a turn. Lightweights get more air on bump section

Star City Many turns are an advantage to Tiptup and Pipsy.Tiptup and Pipsy are much eiser to green boost with. Banned

Semi Netural CourseEdit

One course in DKR is up to the tournament organizer to decide if it is netural or counterpick.

Course Reason Netural or counterpick in TGo! 2012
Whale Bay Whale shortcut cuts time in the water. Hovercraft only course. Netural

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