The Dolls are horrific toy babies made of old porcelain whose colors have faded, wear an old fashioned dress, and
Baby doll
have cracks in their head. Their heads can be blown off with a shotgun, or beaten with a baseball bat leaving behind their beheaded bodies (and surprisingly, blood).

They are exclusive to Conker: Live and Reloaded and first appear in the Barn Boys (specifically when Conker must get the last wad of cash in the locked tunnel area) and later, the Spooky chapters. Their blood appears to be a dark black paint or ink.

They also have minor voicing, if Conker is near them they will say (in a creepy, little demented girl fashion), "We're gonna get you!"; they also grunt when they swipe their hands at Conker.


  • The Dolls are based on the idea of how creepy and frightening a lot of people may find old dolls - especially porcelain ones - in fact, there is an entire phobia dedicated to the fear, known as pediophobia.
  • It's unknown why the dolls appear in the chapter Barn Boys because they are not related to the chapter.

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