Panther king beta

K.O. the Kat is one of the bosses of the cancelled Twelve Tales: Conker 64.

He is a giant purple cat with a striped t-shirt and is armed with a sledgehammer.

It's more likely that his name is Knock Off the Kat, due to his hammer that could knock off someone.


  • "Come on, ya little squirt!"
  • "Where ya runnin' to?!"
  • "Take yer best shot! Ha ha ha!!"
  • "Hurts, don't it?" (After flattening either Conker or Berri)
  • "You won't beat me like that." (speech bubble)


  • The name was given by Rare official website DK Vine.
  • His real name is confirmed in the Nintendo 64 magazine.


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