Little Girl

Little girl
Little Girl.

Gender: Female
First appearance: Conker's Bad Fur Day (2001)
Species: Chipmunks
Color: Gray
Eyes: Blue, green (anger)
Character type: Unplayable character

Level Boss

The Little Girl was an altered young female squirrel that first appeared in Conker's Bad Fur Day and its remake Conker: Live & Reloaded. She controls The Experiment, and resides on its right arm, like a hand puppet. She controls The Experiment and seems to have a massive knowledge about weapons. According to her, she was once nothing more than an ordinary child, but those days are long-gone; the experiments that Professor von Kripplespac performed on her have since warped her into a demonic, sadistic maniac.

WARNING: The following article or section contains Swearing and/or Foul Language. Please read at your own risk.

Conker first encounters her after he falls into her lair, saying that she wants her mummy. Conker, with a cash reward in mind, helps the little Girl and destroys all of the Submarines. When Conker has done his deed, he heads back to the little girl to "sort out the ransom". The little girl then says that she's happy that she's going to see her mommy and daddy again, and Conker proceeds to pick her up. However, Rodent, in control of the Class Twenty-Two Tank, crashes down into the little girl's lair, interrupting Conker's action. Rodent pops out of the tank hatch, as the little girl goes through her "metamorphosis" behind Conker's back. Rodent warns Conker not to get near the little girl, as he then finds out that she is more than what meets the eye.

In a parody of The Exorcist, she twists her head, accompanied by "cracking" noises, and her eyes turn green as she faces Conker again. Her voice changes as she asks Conker "Do you know what your fucking daughter did?", to which Conker replies "What? I don't have a daughter". The circular hatch that her upper torso apparently sticks out from opens up, as the enormous Experiment gets elevated into the main room. She is revealed to be attached to The Experiment in a manner similar to that of a hand puppet. She proceeds and her eyes turn green when she's pissed off (Her eyes are blue when normal). After the defeat of The Experiment, she presses a button which sets off a Countdown set to blow up the entire island.

It is unknown why the little Girl wanted Conker to destroy the submarines, or what she intended to do to him if Rodent hadn't shown up. It is also unknown whether she and the Experiment are one and the same, or if they are separate mutual entities, as she claims to be "the brains, and the eyes" and the Experiment is "the brawn". It is unknown if Professor von Kripplespac built the latter, or what he did to alter the little girl. Another mystery is the purpose of the Experiment, or why the Little girl had a button that would detonate the entire island.


  • In Conker's Bad Fur Day, her face looks similar to Berri's. There's speculation that she could in fact be Conkers daughter and Berri never told him about her. Somehow she was captured maybe given into adoption which allowed the Dr to experiment on her. Warping her mind, which would explain her animosity towards Conker.
  • Plus the line "Do you know what your f%@$ daughter did" Shares the same line from 'The Exorcist': "Do you know what she did your c*%*$ing daughter did" When Regan is possesed with the demon.
  • The head spin also comes from The Exorcist