Magic Codes are cheat codes that are usable in the Nintendo 64 video game, Diddy Kong Racing. Similar to the Cheat Codes of Conker's Bad Fur Day, they allow various effects on the main game-play of the game. They can be entered via the Magic Codes screen on Options.


Code Effect Description
OPPOSITESATTRACT All balloons are rainbow All the item balloons are Rainbow, giving the player the magnet ability.
TOXICOFFENDER All balloons are green All the item balloons are Green, giving the player toxic ability.
BODYARMOR All balloons are yellow All item balloons are yellow, giving the player the shield ability.
BOMBSAWAY All balloons are red All item balloons are red, giving the player the rocket ability.
ROCKETFUEL All balloons are blue All item balloons are blue, giving the player the boost ability.
ZAPTHEZIPPERS No zippers Eliminates all of the zippers from all the tracks.
BOGUSBANANAS Bananas slow race Obtaining bananas will slow your vehicle down.
VITAMINB Infinite bananas Gives the player the maximum number of bananas.
FREEFRUIT Start with 10 bananas The player starts with 10 bananas, increasing their speed.
NOYELLOWSTUFF No bananas in multiplayer mode All bananas are eliminated from the tracks in multiplayer mode.
BYEBYEBALLOONS No CPU player weapons The CPU players cannot obtain items from item balloons.
JOINTVENTURE Two-player adventure mode A second player can join in on the single player adventure.
ARNOLD Large racers Makes the racers larger.
TEENYWEENIES Small racers Makes the racers tiny.
DOUBLEVISION Race against same character The player can race against the same character they choose.
BLABBERMOUTH Alternate horn Changes the horn to the sounds the character selected makes.
TIMETOLOSE Expert CPU Makes the CPU players expert racers.
FREEFORALL Level three items Obtaining any item balloon will give you the highest level item of that balloon's color.
JUKEBOX Music test A music test option will be available on the Audio Options menu.
OFFROAD No slow down Players will not be slowed down by offroad terrain (i.e. grass)
WHODIDTHIS View credits View the credits for the game.

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