A raptor attacking a caveman.

Raptor is a Multi game on Conker's Bad Fur Day, there is also a map in Deathmatch based off of it.



The Cavemen's objective is to steal the Raptor's eggs, and return them to the Frying pan, to score points, all while avoiding being eaten by raptors, and killing them.


The Raptor's objective is to roam around and eat cavemen, and return them to the nest to score extra points, all while trying to avoid dying by the cavemen.


  • Cavemen Spawn
  • Frying Pan
  • Cavemen Roof Area
  • Cavemen Temple Entrance East
  • Cavemen Temple Entrance West
  • Raptor Spawn
  • Nest
  • Raptor Roof Area
  • Raptor Temple Entrance East
  • Temple 1st Floor
  • Temple 2nd Floor
  • Temple Staircases
  • Temple Center


Raptor Mode


Available Character in Deathmatch Version (Without Cheats)


  • The Temple is the only Deathmatch map to have different weapons from it's original counterpart.

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