A robo-spider, as seen in Conker's Bad Fur Day.

Robo-Spiders are large, six-legged robotic spiders that are found in the It's War chapter. They pop out of the ground and start charging Conker; if they get to close enough to him, they explode. Robo-spiders seem to be a war tech on the tediz and are usually found in the halls. At one point, a whole swarm of Robo-Spiders fill in the hall and chase after Conker. Conker can do nothing but run to the elevator. When he does, a spider manages to lodge itself in the doors and attempts to dentonate. However the doors shut and it splits in half.


  • Robo-Spiders also seem to be a parody of the Vectrocon robotic spiders from the 1984 Michael Crichton film,
    Robo spiders
  • Strangely enough, The Experiment seems to hold two robo-spiders inside it as if to be used in a case in which The Experiment were to die. Little Girl referred to them as "her little babies."
  • It's unclear whether the Robo-Spiders were created by the Tediz or the SHC, although possibly they are of Tediz design because they attack Conker.

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