Siegfried's artwork from Conker's Pocket Tales.

Gender: Male
First appearance: Conker's Pocket Tales (1999)
Species: Stone Golem
Color: Brown
Eyes: Black (in-game), red (artwork)
Character type: Boss
"The last remaining Stone Golem, and the Evil Acorn's most powerful ally."
Conker's Pocket Tales instruction booklet

Siegfried (also known as Golem) is the last boss in Conker's Pocket Tales who resides in the Aztec Temple. After Conker's long journey through the temple, the Evil Acorn had awakened Siegfried and he started attacking Conker.


Siegfried first starts the battle by releasing Bats from his mouth. Conker then must defeat the bats with his Slingshot, therefore making Siegfried open and close his mouth. Conker then must shoot a Conker into Siegfried's mouth as it opens, making him take damage.


  • In Jewish folklore, a golem is an animated anthropomorphic being, created entirely from inanimate matter.


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