Skyguard missile

The missiles it fires. Luckily, they don't lock onto you like homing missiles. Also, they make a whistling sound like the Bazooka's missiles, so you should have enough time to see and dodge them.

Skyguards are a type of Specialist Ordinance. Like

The Skyguard's rear.


The Skyguard's front.


The Skyguard's side.

its brother, the Earthguard, it automaticly detects enemy infantry when one gets in range. Only this time, in the AIR. Taken from a Specialist Ordinance Terminal, the Skyguards take up the Open Hand option in the character's weapon cycle, and can be set down on any solid floor. When put down, the Skyguard opens up, and will shoot any nearby enemies. The Skyguard, while idle, will rotate slowly in either direction, and it is possible for enemy infantry to be near it without the guard noticing. The Skyguard has moderate health, and is highly vulnerable to ground attacks if not set up properly. When hit by the electric shock of a Magnova Grenade, the guard becomes immobilized for 10 seconds. The Skyguard cannot fire as fast as the Earthguard, and to make matters worse, it's missiles cannot lock onto sky enemies like the Bazooka's anti-aircraft missiles. It's merely used to create a diversion to stop air enemies from landing in a certain spot or at the very least, slow them down.
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