The SHC-Tediz War was a massive and bloody war between the SHC and Tediz. It began when professor von kriplesac created the Tediz, and the panther and squirrel soldiers attacked Tedi island during the first assault. Lots of lives were lost on both sides, but the Tediz were defeated. The squirrels founded the SHQ, who returned to tedi island for the second assault. The professor prepared a giant cannon to shoot the attackers, but the SHC infiltrated the base and shot the professors legs off. He gathered his soldiers and fled. the SHC moved inland, and had many more battles with the Tediz. Eventually they reached castle Tedistein, where kriplespac was preparing a machine that would activate his army of Machine Tediz. however they broke in and sabotaged the machine, and it malfunctioned, blasting von kriplespac and his men away. Kriplespac was captured and taken back to the kingdom. However the machine began producing more Tediz, and the SHC reformed for the last assault, where Conker broke into the base and eventually blew it up.Many years later, however, von kriplespac was somehow saved from the depths of space and went about building an army of space Tediz. The SHC reformed and once again went to war. Since he didn't have a huge force,kriplespac set out to retrieve the panther kings remains and revive him as a general of the tediz. A dramatic war waged across the galaxy, finally ending with a showdown on the Tedi homeworld of doon. Which side won this battle canonically is unknown.

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