The Toad MK II is vehicle in the multiplayer mode of Conker: Live and Reloaded.


Toadmk2 turret 1

The toad's turret fires.

Toadmk2 turret 2

The driver's seat view.

The Toad MK II is the primary vehicle of the Grunt class, sharing the balanced performance and firepower. The Toad is manned by a crew of two, one driving the vehicle, the other manning the turret. The Toad has a decent top speed, the its turreted machine gun poses a considerable threat to infantry and other light vehicles. It is possible to control the Toad with only a single crew member, with turret control being handed off to the driver, although this can make the vehicle more difficult to control at high speeds.

Several Tediz guard a Toad MK II.

The Toad MK II is intentionally similar in both function and appearance to the Warthog from the Halo series.

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