When I played this game and finished it, it not only taught me that how crazy and fun the game itself was, but that it gave me some insight into the nature of a person and their struggles to overcome hardships of many impossiblities (like getting turned into a bat by a great grandfather, or going off to war with nothing but a blue zip jacket, an army helmet and six pieces of chocolate) and then there's how dark and depressing a happy person can be after their loved one is shot repeatedly in the stomach by a mafia boss, or when everything is cheerful and happy, then 1 day later they end up becoming the ruler of the land in a dark old castle overlooking the land that was once cheerful with nothing but their milk on a table, then we have the person's friends, the people who love and care for that person or just sticking around with them because they're cool and awesome and like their company, CBFD can show where having many friends after doing them big favors can lead too and how dark and hurtful where being curious and brave may lie.

I just wrote all this now, because I have the game and was looking for it's insight on what it can teach when you ignore the constant violence, CBFD isn't just a mature-rated game, it teaches the gamers about all the good & bad things in a person's 24 hours.

This was really dramatic of me, because I never write stuff like this, I think I surprised myself, If my blog post sucks like vampires at a blood bank then scream at me, because I left the comments on.

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