I seem to have made 30-51 edits today; if the larger number is correct, this blog should make 52. While I had to start over once again on Nutty Forager (we are moving and packing stuff up and my sister came home from college abroad last night), I did a significant amount today; I created the Deceased Characters for, you know, deceased characters to be added to - that was about 20 edits right there. I also added trivia information about the codes for the secret multi characters.

My World of Warcraft account is frozen until I can hopefully pay again late June, so I should be able to add more pages now, especially since I care less about only editing once a day, now that I have made a "progress bar" of sorts on my userpage, which I can simply edit each day to keep up with Nutty Forager.

While I cannot think of what else I may have done on the wikia today outside of some typo fixes and link additions, I did gain a few achievements today that were still unachieved by yours truly: I obtained Underlord (make 50 edits), Rodent (5 pages added to categories) and Chipmunk (10 pages added to categories). I am very close to Squirrel (25 pages to categories) and somewhat close to Knightlord (100 edits to pages), but I think I will stop there for now, at least for today. I'd simply add the users to a users category, but editing userpages probably doesn't count towards the category achievement, as it didn't count towards the image one. Maybe I'll do it anyways, though; it's always nice to be able to browse users if'n one ever has the intention to do so.
-- Somarinoa 09:05, May 16, 2011 (UTC)

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