My grandmother had a heart attack and has a heavy infection that they cannot pinpoint. She has a high fever and is barely lucid. They don't know if she will pull through or not. I am very close to my grandmother, so I came down to my hometown of Ninilchik to spend the next few days with her.

Hopefully this won't affect my ability to continue working on Hairy Hibernator though my grandma means a bit more to me, of course. I will keep trying to work on the wikia while I'm down here - turns out one of the old neighbors in the old village now has wi-fi, and my computer auto-leeched on it; that allowed me to be online today. We'll see how that goes the next few days.

Hopefully everything'll turn out all right. -- Somarinoa 06:01, March 21, 2011 (UTC)

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