3 more days till I have Hairy Hibernator, then I can stop being lazy with this here wikia thing (I hope). I seem to be on of the only currently-active members (I see Walecs has been posting as well), but that's alright with me. I've got lots I can do to the wikia and it affords me the ability to take my time and grab myself some achievements in the process; I'm about to surpass NightShadow-720 to achieve Rank #5.

I also keep forgetting to locate my game controller from wherever it happens to currently be located while people are awake; unfortunately, the person who sleeps one room over can apparently hear me whisper and it wakes them up, so moving junk around at 1 o'clock in the Ante Meridiem is probably a horrible idea.

While I don't necessarily need it to play Conker's Pocket Tales as it's just going to be 6 buttons (and the arrow keys plus maybe Shift + Control are my normal game controls in games I make, anyway), I would like to because I paid for the freaking thing and so I intend to use it. Besides, I am not quite ready to start willy-nilly posting everything from that game until I have my daily contribution achievements taken care of.

Hopefully when I do that the images achievement will be operational again, as it didn't give me it when I added my character image to my userpage - and I put like a couple hours work into that, too. Phooie. Alright, I've done my duty here today; time to go draw sprites for my personal fanbase. -- Somarinoa 10:40, March 7, 2011 (UTC)

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