A wasp larvae attacking Conker in Bad Fur Day.

Wasp Larva is an enemy and a variation  of Wasp, it only appears in Conker's Bad Fur Day and its remake. It only appears in Windy.

Conker's Bad Fur Day

The Wasp Larva is a single, minor character. It protects and blocks off the entrance to its home,the Wasp Hive; if Conker tries to enter, the Wasp Larva will burst out of the doorway and damage Conker. There is absolutely no way to defeat the invincible larva enemy. In the Wasps' Revenge after completing all other chapter progress, Wayne and the Wankas will steal the beehive again and take it inside the larger Wasp Hive, Conker can then enter the hive as the Wasp Larva has disappeared and is never seen again.


The Wasp Larvae doesn't have many features, however, the larvae is enormous and bigger than grown wasps despite it being only in the baby stage. Its eyes are yellow and its skin is green, it also has ferocious jaws and two sharper horn-like teeth, in the changes of L&R, the larvae was given a more menacing upgrade to its appearance.

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